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Name:Mr. Raj Bhagat [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Skype: yesraj1
Mobile Number:+919763301966
Phone Number:+919763301966
Fax Number:+919763338831
Address:market yard
pune 411037, Maharashtra
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Registration Date:Jul. 22, 2010
Last Updated:Jul. 22, 2010
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Agriculture category

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How are you?

Thanks for your interest in our product.

Please check our company details below.

Kindly send us your exact requirement details so that we will give you our best competitive price better than others.

We are India’ s largest growing Manufacturer exporter of Agro food products , Fresh fruits , Fresh Vegetables , Spices , Agricultural Seeds , Fertilizers , Garments , Jaggery, Jam & Jelly , Mushroom Masala , All kinds of Fruit Syrup and Crush , Jewellery , Red/ White Grapes Wine , Food items , Dairy Product , Butter , Milk Powder , Sauces , Edible oils , Pickles , Onion, Yellow/ White corns, Garlic , Tomato paste , Red dry Chilly , Cashew nut , Pulses , Grains , Coconut , Coco Powder , Coco peat , Rice , Mushroom , Fresh Eggs , All Seeds , Sugar Icumsa - 50, 60, 70, 80 , Peanuts, Mustard sauce, Canned Fruits and vegetables and flowers as per customer requirement . Good Quality, Commitment on Time , Comprehensive Services and Competitive Prices are our Company Motto.

So, we would like to do business for long term relation with your organization, so if you have any demand, please contact us. We will supply you the products of high quality and competitive price, also our best service. Wish we can cooperate merrily.

Awaiting for your prompt reply.

Thanks & Regards… … … … … ?


Mr. Raj ( Mob. + 919763301966 + 919763338831 )
Market yard, Pune – 411037.
Maharashtra, India.
Skype ID: yesraj1
MSN ID: yesraj.impextrade
E-Mail ID: yesraj.impextrade@ rediffmail.com
Website: www.importexportyesraj.com http: / / www.indiamart.com/ yesrajenterprises

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